I was a heavy heart to carry.

My beloved was weighed down.

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No escape - 1/2 {Sam/Dean, NC17}
Title: No Escapes.
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Warning: Wincest.
W/C: 487
Notes: Part one, Happy Holidays!

"Dean.. what, I -" his words are cut off by the grinding of his brothers hips and he's about to lose all self control he ever had because this is Dean and he's secretly been hoping for this since he was sixteen. "You don't know what you're doing, Dean. You.. you, I just, Dean no,"  and he's protesting against his brother harder now because Dean's face is buried in his neck, begging for release and it's breaking his heart. It always does when Dean looks desperate because Sam's never known his brother to be vulnerable, at least not on the outside. So, he thinks that if Dean is showing this side to him then there has to be something seriously wrong.

"Okay, Dean, Yeah, Okay, I've got you." he finds himself saying in response.

With shaky hands Sam takes hold of his brothers hips and he doesn't even realize he's been holding his breath until he begins to move into Dean's desperate grinding and he lets out a hiss of air that's been waiting in his lungs for far too long. He can't deny that his own blood all runs south, away from his brain and it's too much. Far too much and he finds himself lost in the need to make this better for Dean, to take away the pain like he hasn't been able to do for too many nights. 

Dean's breath is catching in his throat now and Sam knows that his brother is about to reach climax so he increases the pressure of his hips, his own release on the edge now. "Not gonna.." the words are cut off by Deans groan and trembles. 

Dean's  barely looked at Sam since they've returned to the motel and Sam can't figure out how to make this all go away without talking about the big white elephant in the room. Clearing his throat, he eyes Dean carefully. "Uh, you wanna talk?"

"Nothin' happened, Sam." comes the reply from his brother and Sam's hopes are deflated because secretly he was wishing for this to be his opportunity to confess his feelings, however wrong they may be.

"But it did, Dean and I think we should talk -" his words are cut short because Dean's standing now and his face is an angry shade of red and shit, he's pushed it too far.

"I said nothing happened." comes a snarl from his brother as he's half way out of the motel room door.

Panic sets in almost instantly because he's almost sure that Dean won't be coming back. His hands are shaking and he's trying to swallow the lump in his throat but he's certain that his world just fell apart.

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Dean...ever in denial. And Sam, thinking it was his fault.

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